Backseat (select tracks)

by Teddy Goldstein

Released 2008
Released 2008
Songs that will make you laugh and cry, Teddy Goldstein is a very unique singer/songwriter.
Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA. (Haverford, Bryn Mawr), singer/songwriter Teddy Goldstein got his start in music by mostly performing for friends and family. "My first gig was at my brothers Bar Mitzvah when I was 3 years old. I did a cover version of Jim Croces Bad Bad Leroy Brown and the place went nuts. People were lifting each other up on chairs. It was incredible.""

After finishing high school at the Hun School (Princeton, New Jersey), Teddy studied theater at Boston University before leaving acting and heading to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. While at Berklee, Teddy met his now good friend and drummer, Ethan Eubanks. Along with Ethan Eubanks (drums), Steve Walsh (guitar) and Richard Hammond (Bass), they formed the band, Teddy Goldstein and The Goldsteins. They released their self-titled CD, Teddy Goldstein in 1998. With the success of Teddys debut album featuring songs such as Off-Road Automobile and All Men Are Liars, the band broke-up, but reunited a few months later. Since then, many great musicians have spent time performing as a "Goldstein". Whynot Jansveld, who has played bass in the band for the past few years says, "Being a member of the Goldsteins is almost like being a member of a gang, but not really."

In 2002, Teddy released his second CD titled, THE LOVE LOT, which consists of a lot of love songs. Shortly after the albums release, the song Lucky In Love was used on the NBC television show MEET MY FOLKS. Since then, many T.V. shows have featured songs from the album including: FELICITY, EVERWOOD, SUMMERLAND, THE UNIT as well as NPRs CAR TALK.

Teddys third album (released 2004) is a LIVE CD. It captures the high energy and humor of Teddys live show as well as taped phone conversations between Teddy and his grandfather, who often gives him (unsolicited) career advice.

Go and visit Teddy's website and hear more REAL taped phone conversations between Teddy & telemarketers that continue to call his apartment! And sign up on the email and mobile list!